(J-Death Metal) Intestine Baalism - Discography [MP3, 320 kbps]

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28-Сен-2009 08:46

Seiji Kakuzaki – гитара, вокал
Jiro Ito – гитара
Hisao Hashimoto – ударные
Kenji Minagawa – бас

Intestine Baalism - The Energumenus (Demo)
Жанр: J-Death Metal
Год выпуска: 1994
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: Tracks
Битрейт аудио: 192 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:20:25

01. Prologue
02. Tyrant
03. Torsos Conceive
04. Sadism of Hallucinogenic Addiction
05. Alastor Possess
06. Epilogue

Intestine Baalism - An Anatomy Of The Beast
Жанр: J-Death Metal
Год выпуска: 1997
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: Tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:40:08

01. Corporal Celebration
02. Anatomy of the Beast
03. Alastor Possess
04. Cannibal Sodom
05. Energumenus (the Birth of the Cursed Creations)
06. Blasphemy Resurrected
07. A Place their Gods Left Behind
08. Burn thou in Effigy (Instrumental)
09. Tyrant
Японский коллектив Intestine Baalism можно назвать одним из наиболее удачных примеров сочетания тяжести дэт-метал и мелодичности. В стремлении добавить последней японцы не опускаются до сплошного размазывания соплей, периодически производят жесткую встряску, что сносит к черту какие бы то ни было сантименты. Я не считаю правильным применение к Intestine Baalism термина "мелодик-дэт", по крайней мере, к данному релизу. Несмотря на то, что здесь можно уловить наследие скандинавских мелодик-дэтовых наработок, музыка коллектива достаточно жесткая, чтобы не вызывать отвращения у ненавистников ШМДМ. Взять первую композицию "Corporal Celebration" – язык не поворачивается назвать это мелодик-дэтом. Агрессивный гитарный чес, олдскул-дэтовая ритмика вместе с добротным глубоким гроулингом – вот основа композиции, лишь под завершение начинается красивая мелодичная часть. Здесь замедляется темп, гитара, не спеша, выдает аккорды, в то время как вторая выводит мелодию. Вот из таких островков мелодизма в океане олдскульного дэтового чеса и состоит весь релиз. Повторюсь, рисунков а-ля In Flames почти нет, почти сплошной контраст скорость-жесткость/замедление-мелодия, за некоторыми приятными исключениями. Быстрые части ударны и захватывающи, мелодии красивы и ненадуманы и просто бесподобный полноценный дэт-вокал. В общем тот, кто обвинит Intestine Baalism в излишней мелодичности – не прав. Но благодаря такому интересному подходу к созданию композиций, группа будет интересна и почитателям мелодик-дэта и его противникам.

(c) Gerion from metallibrary.ru
Part 1 Captured By Hatred

the congregation has betrayed against the empire
captured. i cannot resist my Doom
impregnated, the cursed son of Nazarene
profanation, holocaust by the fire of hatred
...i'm intoxicated with the cross impiled on my belly

corporal celebration, the beginning of the end
captured, i am made to confess all my deadly sins
coproral celebration, the fall of the empire
the first bell tolls, the beasts start to devour my flesh

master of the damned, damned at his birth
let the children know their fates

Part 2: Bleeding For The Lord

torturer strangled, my neck twisted
bringer of incineration, please burn my body parts
my body parts still moving to beg of my lord a blessing
incriminations....i bleed for my lord
....by your spell i die, your spell is my wish

incrimination, i bleed for my lord
....by your spell i die, your spell is my wish

i'm the lamb of my lord, my lord is Satan
i'm walking the path to the guillotine
the beast arises in my with wicked sickness
the last bell tolls....Colloseum is in ecstasy
"Malleus Malleficarum"...Scripture for the torturer
all of the innocent suspects are butchered by the lord of flies
he is called Beelzebuh...the tyrant who lost his sanity
gaze into the fire of nocturne, now the ceremonious trial begins

anatomy of the beast...their agonies are his pleasure
their corpses rip to pieces, even God cannot be saviour
anatomy of the beast...anatomized with cult
soon all their wishes turn into desperation
disgrace for the creations of God
foul odor of mangled torsos
death awaits, but the trials continue everlasting
they are captured by the cycle of rebirth

called by siren, enchanting queen of paradise
Gehenna, a place for punishment, gaze into the fire of nocturne
dragged intestines are still moving, like dying red serpents
dying but still alive, ceremonious trials repeats again
pulled out embryos, they are eaten in their sleep
children full of hate, offering for the lord of flies
behind the mirror i saw my lamentable fate....

evil lilith blazing red, astrologer weeping....apparition in my dream
terrified, destined as Baal. Amon. Amy. Gaap....Necromancy is my will

unforeseen, unknown, under the clouds i collapse
whe whispered look at the children, pregnant women

nemesis' sickness is eary, Gomory is slave of gold
luxurious way...virtue
sodomize all of paradise, capture all of saints
....Hades' darkage comes

antichrist's profanation, Beelzebub and Satan's lineage
....the incarnation of desperate
Rhadamanthus judge, Alastor execute at the gate of hell

lightning strike across the sky....all false kings were swept
under the cross i beg for mercy, Alastor's sadness...alas

most evil beast menaces christians, butchering them the most evil way
occultic number of Sun Daemon....dark moon of temptation
....behind the mirror i saw....End
obsessed by an unholy sickness
the cries of christians echoed
Satan looking down from Pandemonium
the whole creation is blasphemied and disgraced
offer the fresh human meat
infernal cannibalism is chaos

baphomet smiled after vomiting his intestines

they squirm like grotesque tentacles
they rape all sacrifices

baptism in blood, a violate end
there's no exist for the bound and sacrificed
bared entrails, dangled intestines
intoxicated by their beauty
mangled fleshless torsos are spat from their mouths to cunt
they are exposed as the monuments
blasphemy to the grace of God

Lucifer struggled to devour the fresh entrails
fresh human meat, blood dripping from the fresh feast
in the cursed Sodom, a cannibal land
....an untrodden lost paradise

baphomet smiled after vomisting his intestines
they squirm like grotesque tentacles
they rape all sacrifices
when dusk deepened around where once stood eden
immortality rampant...no psalm remains
they ask for sensual luxuries, they gasped in primitive caresses
everywhere is death along the poisoned sea of blood

all the virgins are raped, butchered, dismembered
reduced to a torso...my lust is drawn with blood

armageddon...they know the end is near
no grave, scriptures are burned....no request will be granted

the false gods...insane
they drooled from their smiles when they saw the blood
they flung their sperm into the womb of the torso
she conceived crations...they grew

painful spawn so grotesque, rips her cunt that breeds apart
breathing beings in a breathless lifelss body
eat the broken organs, remove them with cannibalistic instincts
the jellied substance they spew out, the cursed creations are born

the Gods trembled with fear, desperate and weeping
the cursed creations grew, the Gods felt regret
....but too late
my darkened nightmare....the visions of forgotten paradise
ancient gods are buried under the frozen tombs
cruel reign of fear....the ultimate inhumanity
martyrdom from within....as the anatomists are masked black

the darkland i rule....i am the almighty new king
i need new sacrifices to fulfill my lust
no shelter from your doom....you all shall die by my judgement
i set fire to the forest of eternity
....but my mission is far from complete
i must receive....
out from the eternal darkness
entering the core of his aureole
born into the kingdom of the damned
i know i must curse those blessed
i am the new unholy king
the unblessed child of my father, Baal
i am reincarnated as a symbol of hatred

i rule where their Gods cry
all holy spirits are gone
no Gods shall live, no life shall rise

immorated, obsessed....a relic of the ancient faith
diabolic spells...they intoxicated
raped, submissive witch...conceive the animus
mutilated womb...a creation of incest

Sodomite...insult serpents in his anus and mouth
nymphomaniac....hang her upside down and gut her

drowned in the sea of blood
the sea known as lament
the eternal life they have is an everlasting atonement
the survivors are suffocated by the reek of spoilage
i cannot handle my madness, no souls can seize me
i rule the kingdom, i am the child of Baal
i am reincarnated as a symbol of despair

blazing mighty stars dyed red
the witch spawned the child of doom
she writhed around the altar in pain from her mangled belly
i thrusted my scythe and pulled her child out
the carnal rite climaxed
i ate his raw flesh

the world is full of shit
Gamygyn, let him know
hear their Gods crying
they die, and are reborn to die
a place their Gods left behind

bleeding crosses are burned
they are wiped by my vomited intestine
the dark moon is alight, but no light appears
a place their Gods left behind
evil night, in rain the sacred rite begins
rule the cursed creations, stride their corpses
sacrifise and old king....betrayal of the wisemen
we praise the ascension of the tyrant

rip open your womb, pull out the unborn children
hang their meat on a hook, offer them to the tyrant
dig out your intestines to fill an argent tray
scatter the foul blood, dye the altar red

in the sadistic last supper
tied, slowly you die
butchered and ripped from her cunt
your rotten meat....shredded

the tyrant drooled to see you
he laughed at your painful rotting body
he peeled open your organ....crushed
you die stained with shit

the tyrant drooled to see you
striding a pile of bloody corpses

Intestine Baalism - Banquet In The Darkness
Жанр: J-Death Metal
Год выпуска: 2003
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: Tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:43:25

01. Flesh For The Twelfth Omnipotent
02. Banquet In The Darkness
03. A Curse Of Baal
04. The Genuine Tone
05. Principle Of Causality
06. Memory
07. A Keen
08. The Avenger Full Of Vengeance On God
09. A Knight Appears From The Lake Of Blood
10. The Planet
11. Born But Buried, I Can See The Light
Второй релиз японцев оказался на порядок слабее дебютника. И не потому, что здесь больше мелодики, а потому что большинство тем и риффов кажутся либо давно знакомыми, либо вымученными и сильно пожеванными. Виной тому лишь уровень творческого потенциала команды на момент создания релиза – критерий, не всегда зависящий от воли музыкантов. Шесть лет отделяют "Banquet..." от дебютного "An Anatomy Of The Beast" – за этот период значительных изменений в мышлении Intestine Baalism не произошло, поэтому в музыкальном плане оба релиза имеют много общих черт, касающихся структур композиций, вокала, манеры исполнения. Тем не менее, не покупайтесь на открывающую альбом композицию "Flesh For The Twelfth Omnipotent" – да, она довольно жесткая, но это только отвлекающий маневр, дальше последуют гораздо более мелодичные вещи. Более того, в отличие от дебюта на рассматриваемом альбоме начинают довольно широко применяться мелодик-дэтовые конструкции, свойственный скандинавским коллективам, что, на мой взгляд, стирает ряд оригинальных черт Intestine Baalism, частично лишая его какой бы то ни было индивидуальности. Несмотря на то, что эти и многие другие фишки нельзя назвать всегда и полностью неудачными, релиз проигрывает и за счет них тоже. Радует, что команда не сильно злоупотребляет скандинавским мелодизмом, оставаясь там, где необходимо тяжелой и жесткой, хотя кому-то и этого покажется маловато. Что касается меня, то я бы предпочел "An Anatomy Of The Beast".

(c) Gerion from metallibrary.ru
Строили мы строили, и наконец построили! (в смысле ждали, ждали, и дождались!). После 6 лет тишины, весь "металлический" мир ужаснулся от второго пришествия – то вышел в свет новый альбом Intestine Baalism, повергая в ужас "неверных" (ну, гопников всяких) и вселяя надежду в сердца "посвященных" (т.е. нас с вами). Надежду на то, что перевелись еще богатыри на земле... вообще на Земле еще не перевелись, тем более, что Intestine Baalism на русский перевести – задачка для опытного лингвиста и теолога :) По частям не сложно: intestine – кишки, внутренности; Baalism – культ Баала (древнее божество плодородия, вод, войны; почитался в Финикии, Палестине и Сирии, затем в Египте, Греции и др. где его культ распространился сопровождался сладострастными оргиями, причем жрецы в экстазе наносили себе раны). А вот как эти два понятия сложить – решайте сами ;)

Впервые Intestine Baalism громко заявили о себе в 97 году, выпустив чумовой дебют "An Anatomy Of The Beast". Если помните, как раз в середине 90-х особенно громко заявляли, что death metal мёртв. Так вот Intestine Baalism были для меня одними из немногих, которые давали таким пессимистам проср@ться по полной программе. Интерес к команде подогревало и происхождение команды – страна Восходящего Солнца... Из-за нестабильности cостава команды, новый материал был готов только в 2000 году, а выпущен – по той же причине – еще 3 года спустя. Но ожидание не было напрасным!

Заметно прибавив в мастерстве и ощутимо разнообразив набор подходов к исполнению, японский квинтет творит полный беспредел – так совмещать несовместимое нужно уметь! "В рамках, но без границ" – наверное, так можно охарактеризовать то, что творят эти парни. Как еще можно назвать такой стиль изложения музыкального материала, в котором просто не знаешь, что произойдет в следующую секунду? Словно голодные псы, сорвавшиеся с цепи, ребята начинают нарезать традиционный death высшего качества, как вдруг ритм рвется под напором атмосферных и неимоверных эмоционально-ярких соляков, которые также внезапно, но органично (да-да!) вливаются в убийственно-плотный бластбит. Еще соляк, эдакая волна оптимизма, накатит и отхлынет. Темп то быстрый то средний, переходы резкие, и в то же время размытые. Звук плотный, но обволакивающий; жесткий, но гибкий; плотный, но достаточно сдобренный мелодикой. При прослушивании, подумываешь, что Intestine Baalism хотят доказать эквивалентность черного и белого, нуля и бесконечности. Ничего лишнего – только струны, бочки и глотка... но какой результат – словно каждая частичка начинает сквозить обертонами... Музыка японцев заставляет отключиться от привычной матрицы и раствориться в новом порядке, диктуемым из стонущим под ее гнетом колонок... живое пособие по эзотерике. В общем, кто уже слышал сей релиз, тот меня поймет.

Пара слов для тех, кто еще "не при делах". Оккультная лирика, бархатный утробный гроул, необычайно резвый и динамичный ритм, отличная (вне всяких похвал) техника игры, бесподобные по атмосферности и энергетике сольные партии и АБСОЛЮТНАЯ непредсказуемость ходов... Все это тщательно, изысканно и умело сплетенное в одно полотно под названием "Banquet In The Darkness" – вот что такое музыка Intestine Baalism. Трепещите, смертные! Под напором второго альбома японских детстеров не устоит даже самый требовательный слушатель и почитатель интеллекта в музыке. Каждая песня – образчик и шедевр дэт металла новой эры, говорю это без обиняков (за базар готов ответить). Выделять какую-либо из них, все равно что оторвать крыло у ангела, чтобы рассмотреть его поближе – это не просто невозможно, но и абсурдно! Музыка японцев – самый чумовейший сплав брутала и мелодика, который мне только доводилось слышать.

Не думаю, что слова, ущербные по своей сути, способны передать ЭТО, а прибегать к образам – значит всерьез загромождать отзыв неуместными сравнениями и вконец запутать читателя. Поэтому скажу просто: "Banquet In The Darkness", имхо, лучший дэт-альбом года ушедшего. Уверен, со временем (когда о нем узнают) станет классическим. Высший балл (т.е. Баал) 8), всеобщие рекомедации.

(c) Meandor from metallibrary.ru
Only by destruction my lust will be satisfied
Established, glorious his kingdom will soon go to ruin
Eternity is a lie by their hateful god
Time spoils the prosperity decorated by your feces
Ugly beggar, eat your own entrails
To survive, until the day of liberation
Only by butchery
Your deadly sins will be cleansed
Banshee cried to tell me the beginning of the last supper
Your beating heart for the new genuine king
Your bone for the massacred race by your lie
Your flesh for the land devastated with despair
Your boiling blood for the dried up ocean
My number is twelve, the number of omnipotence
When the skies are dyed red, I will sublimate
At the moment a huge infortune star was placed there
The gate to another world opened
The unknown world was widespread out there
A holy light of hope is eroded
The black sun is materializing an evil shadow
Our guardian angel
The advent of the dark Satan glows
Oh, Lord, give devastating pains and fears to the Satans!!
Give despair to blind lambs wandering for the god and looking for grace
Holy moments of us, the creatures who live in the darkness embracing pains
Lead by the golden rule of the grand evil space
The massacre is going to happen by the disciples; avalanching from the gate
Although the insane shouts of the saints is bursting, the god never helps them
The earth is dyed black with the blood of the dead It emits resentment
Death tide billows, it engulfs souls
This grand moment leads us to the evil era of darkness
To our dynasty of lust where evil exceeds saints
In the darkness of the night, drifting mysteriously
Being an omen and the voice of curse
The gravity slides and overlaps the axis of the other world
What doesn't exist in the real world
Will come into existence
Materialistic notion will be resurrected
It doesn't exist but makes itself exist
The mentally weak who rely on God
Can't maintain even their existence
The reality that couldn't happen in the human world pushes people's souls into the darkness
The fools who were called saints cry out forgetting prayers for the god
Those who have ancient wisdom become the kings
They and the materialized baal spread curses
The cross hanging from the neck is the token
It brings curses together
The more you pray the god
The more the negative gravity increases
Plague is spread
The earth is covered with bodies
Sticky resentment floats in the air
The idol gently opens his eyes
Then gives a freezing smile
In the never-ending night
The dark red sun is drifting mysteriously
An aria echoes like a wolf's howl
Growing, rising it leads itself to ecstatic madness
The genuine tone of the name with a great power
Strong words backed by our will
Reverse of the creating process
Everything constructed shall be destroyed
Space destruction It'll be done
An extraordinary psychic excitement rises up
The self-hypnosis effect is increasing
Occult intelligence wakes up
The name of the genuine devil
Vibration, it affects everything it touches
Free the force that controls anything in the universe
Inside the magic square various names vibrate
The force called up is ejected into the universe
Be get the deviation of causality, alter the form of process
It is a law that depends only on mutation and evolves itself rapidly
The density of material and life increases and
The current of time flows faster
The big current that is not supposed to exist in the universe...
...starts to move I am the omnipotent who knows the essence of time
Nobody can rebel against the supreme intention
Everything is necessity that I assembled
The relation between cause and effect:
(That is) the principle of causality
Hiding in blood (gene) for thousand years for generations, i've bided my time
It was made by transcendental intelligence
Made by intention that nobody can understand
You won't know the meanings of causality for a long time
Intrusion into the genealogy of life gives birth to the unusual principle of causality
Then it flows on with a little distortion
My sons were born from the distortion of causality!
Life is evil
Killing is beauty
This is the truth
Forgather on that land, you will see everything there
Your lives have been spun into a yarn for this day
The aspect of this obnoxious planet starts to warn something is going to be born
On the road to the obvious extinction It is an existence that transcends even
The principle of universe
He governs all the currents of time
The place only for existence, the spiritual world
In this static space the memories were abruptly freed
The reality becomes vibration and it spreads in front of you
The scene crossing your mind
Shows the answer to the truth
In this iris the shape of past is seen
Living in a big and invisible stream
Threatened by big and invisible pressure
You will wander in the big forest without a trail
The prayer invites the light and deletes the sun
The blood streaming in the body loses the place to go
The bound earth sinks in the red sea
Men are slaves of the fatally vindictive light
The light filled with greed
The brainwashed justice
What do you pray for?
What do you swear?
Oh, darkness, free your great power
To complete the liberation of the earth
The memory being inherited in the endless time awakens the earth of darkness without any slight
Drifting on the ocean of darkness
The heart is freezing
The negative resentment flows in
Many deaths pass through
Accepted every pain
The thought goes in, it never stops
I have the only mission
Exceeding every phenomenon
New ego is being made up
I sleep covered with black wings
Until the time to fly comes
Black flame of vengeance
Swinging gently
Falling into the deep darkness
Something comes into my view
Sewn eyelids with the eyeballs taken out
Feel the fear of losing light
A stick penetrates into the peeled and exposed muscle
The ultimate pain destroys the brain
A flatiron is put on the skin and it smolders
Smell the skin burning
The joints are broken off and the bones are crashed
The deep crash seduces you to a nightmare God, you betrayed me!
A forceless hypocrite
Pray and cry, but you don't come down
Just look down from the high place
On fainting away, I saw him sneering at me
You are not qualified to mention the salvage
A bystander It is a guardian angel that came down responding to my cry
A great emissary of the king I am going to fly with a sword in my hand
Swearing vengeance on you for the next thousand years
A neigh of a horse echoes under the moon
Evil spirits of forest start rustling
The horse is waiting for the owner
Looks anticipating tonight's hunting
A ripple slowly runs from the center of the lake
Lit up by the moonlight
Then, at the moment the ripple is reaching the Waterside
The lake suddenly turns into bloody red
The rusty odour
The disgusting evil
The freezing air
The silence and the black moon reflected on the lake
The knight of blood, the hunter of darkness
Those who don't accept the sacred
Those who act in the night
The black helmet, the black armour
The angel of darkness and death
As evil spirits of forest start dancing
The knight appears out of the lake
Standing at the waterside and soaked with blood
He is dimly lit by the moonlight
The horse is drinking the blood from the lake
The knight walks to him to mount
Getting a sword out and glancing at the moon
He runs the horse, looking for prey and blood
There are tombs for those hunted, but no bodies beneath them
Stabbed by the knight, the preys are taken away as they are
The bodies are thrwon into the lake
They turn into the new blood of the lake which satisfies the knight
The glorious neigh and the sword craft attract those who see them
At that very moment, the sword gives a sweet pain
The one who brings the pain to the earth from the hell
The momentary death from the knight becomes the eternal pain in the hell
On the planet filled with creatures
People lament over death
The don't recognize all the creatures on the earth are evil
No one can live without eating others
The Planet itself is abnormal
Abandon the stupid lesson
To kill creatures is to contribute to the planet
The number of lives should be reduced
Fools say life is important or god blesses us
Having eaten so many lives by themselves
Fools won't hesitate to kill and eat animals
That plead for their lives
They do so just for their survival
The euphorie of killing creatures
It is the joy of contributing to the planet
Provide death and feel the joy
That will tell you the true form of life
Mistress Lilith, the master of fear
Let me die, a release from the original sin
In the lowest place i am buried... dark and cold
But the time has come... shall we all be damned?

I saw the most inhuman rite
Obsessed fanatics, entranched by voodoo spells
Raptured feast, supper
Ritual of descent, sodomize the sanctities

I feel the need of the dream
I whispered to imagine the warmth
I drowned in the whirlpools of deadly conflicts

In the lowest place i am buried... dark and cold
Isolated, i can't see the light... born but buried
The moon of sorrow, she has its darkland...
Banshee of doom cry
Bonded by hate, raped by greed, with misery and pain

I drain my blood for all sins... darkness, he has seen my end
I shed my body for all beggars... decayed in the ground
...Feel no mercy, i prostrate
Marching shadows, awakening of the void...
may God have mercy on us In the eden of the damned i saw an illusion... or was it a truth?
There is nothing but butchery in my vision

The time has come... death only knows
The gate of hell awaits beyond the realm of humanity
Fate has decreed that blasphemy should be done
All of us will be butchered by the hands of glory
Restless torment, no return
Echoed in the voices of insanity
Isolated, a can't see the light
Made extinct by the void of obscurity

They collapse in helplessness
I know i am the messiah so i must subject them all with tortures
Restless torment, no return
Echoed in the voices of insanity
Born but buried, I can't see the light
I am made immortal by the obscurity
Раздача в Lossless

Intestine Baalism - Ultimate Instinct
Жанр: J-Death Metal
Год выпуска: 2008
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: Tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:36:13

01. Agony In The Stone Chamber
02. Cry For The Black Sun
03. Longing For Birth
04. Awaking
05. Wind Of Death
06. Dark Surface
07. The Massacre
08. Ultimate Instinct
09. Galaxy Of The Black Sun
Two holes where eye have been gouged out
Seem to be darkness which makes us feel the deepness of the abyss
Tonight sew shut your eyelids and wait for twelve days
You shall receive blood-red eyes

Scalding with boiling water
Deteriorates his wounded body
Burned by a searing iron
His skin scorched
Dull sound of cutting his tendon
Casts away his hope
Feelings of the iron bar impaling his flesh
Makes him forget his human life

This sweet agony is your sustenance
Rite to break the connection to this world
It should be pleasant
You are the missionary of agony
You must have seen
Gloom writhing in the abyss
That is where you should be

Oh, our king, please accept this torture

Many children look forward to
Seeing their new generation
A world where love is respected
By your descent everything changes
Night world, without light
Our power augmented to the maximum
To the gods who have oppressed us You will attack again

Let's peel the skin off of your head
As it's something you don't need
On your exposed skull
Horns of the king will be placed
Stark and stiff
How do you feel now?
With the rich agony
Are you slipping out of consciousness

Five fingers cut off, slight trembling
Evidence of remaining corporeality
Cut off earns, Broken eardrums
Silence, feeling only vibrations

Weakened pulse, sluggish blood flow
Feel the weakness of human existence
After the sensations are dulled
Supreme feelings appear
Though I see nothing without eyes
It is surely in my sight
Like a far way mirage
A vision that will bring me peace

Stare at it drifting with dark red shine
A feeling as if it is me
Symbol of my agony and spirit
My guardian star, the black sun

As if swallowing my perpetual agonies
The black sun grows
Feeling splendor as of creation
The black sun I will bring forth

The sense of my true self
Myself in the other world has gone
I am about to recall my past
I need more pain

I feel another spirit in me
I recall what I am
Locked away during the ancient war
My true spirit will be awakened soon
Blood of pure virgins has been
Emptied into a stone tur
It is your amnio
It creates new flesh
The curse of the virgins
Remaining in the blood
Must taste most delicious for you
Sleep deeply and discover what you are

You had died and been reborn repeatedly
Escaped from attacks by the gods innumerable times
To heal the wounds we received in the ancient battle
To attempt a war for vengeance

This glorious moment
Birth of the Lucifer

Hypocrisy of holy ones has been unveiled
The numbers of people longing for evil are growing
Behaving brutally at the mercy of their instincts
Venerating us, the Lucifer's kin

This triumphant moment
birth of the Lucifer

Curse melted into the amnio
The cries of agony begin
The time is coming
Frozen mind and dark curse
Supreme evil and a symbol of night
You lead the evil
Saints are terrified and crying out
"Six black wings"

A wave of motion expands within the stone room
The room is filled with a stench and miasma
In the stone room in the different dimension
A tremendous force field has been created

The black sun is floating like a mirage
The only god who bears the king
Rebirth of the internal power
Awakening of the ancient memory and thoughts
Feelings of ecstasy as if floating
I cannot recall the dreams that I had seen up until the day before

Frozen heart, brutality
Nothing can control me
Fears enter me
No feelings of sorrow within me

Boiling amnio turns black
Effuse sickening stench
When the boiling amnio reaching the critical point
It suddenly hardens and time stops

Hardened amnio becomes transparent
My children who wake me
You have served a great role in this chain of events
Surely our evil brethren shall prosper

Time begins to move again
Inorganic vapors solidify around me
No one can be like him, the black angel
Finally he descends upon the world
You figure remains the same as before
The indescribable color of your skin
Suits the king of this evil dominion
Fly away on your wings
A curse is released, a suffering worse than death

A world where illness is spread to humanity
Corrupt smells are filled
Angels suffer and fall
In the eternal night a black sun burns ark red
The symbol of despair
Our guardian star

Furious winds of death are blowing
Black rain showers the world

As long as the black sun is in the sky
Our power is unlimited
Brethren of evil
Now show your power
The lord of night awakes
Light can never defeat us
Swords are longing for blood
The blood of saints
Is there such a thing as feeling?
Is this the thought of a ruler?
Eternal darkness
where no mercy exists
Fear and agony of the people is piercing me
But my mind never wavers
There is no ripple in the dark surface of my mind

Six black wings spread over creation
Dawn will never come again
There is nothing for us to feat

I used to exist as shadow
The shadow could not exist without light
Now it ends
The order is changed
Because of my existence I'm not a shadow anymore
the light can not exist without shadow
Reversal of hierarchy

Omnipotence is born
Which is beyond reason
They are so small before me
No battle is needed to prove this
I do not feel nostalgia for the days I was dreaming
Because I cam across the truth
The king of the world and his cosmic consciousness
I will create
Ripping wings of the seized angels
Impaling through the mouth with a pike
Ripping arms and legs of the men
Put them into the cracked belly

They are running away and crying
I am fascinated by their behavior

Wake up, brutality
As it desires
This feeling of pleasure is all
Give me more blood

They recognize that they can not escape from death
Everybody is losing hope
Despaired sight is beautiful
The ultimate art

Give you death with heavier agony
Never give your death by moment
Until your life terminates
Show your insanity

Hunting is continuing
endless hell
Screaming of death is always echoed
And invites you to the nightmare
People are frantic with the coming fear
And losing themselves
They are hungry
Wander around and eat bowels of rotten bodies

The weaker men who relied on the god and escaped from the reality
The more profane the god when they die
You are idiots who can not continue to believe yourself until the end
Your are not necessary in the world

Dead bodies are filled on the ground
Diseases are prevailed
Another fear is infected

Corrupt smells
Smells of the evil world
Fermented smells revitalize us

The one whom you worshiped is still just looking
Throw away your hope
Just wait for death
Open the gate
To the place where I used to be
Fly through spacetime as instinct
Proceed to the abyss of reason
Raise my instinct
Now I am coming back

My foe that was called god on the earth
It is intelligence that I had confronted for thousands of years
Two intelligences with no other equals in the universe
We reigned spacetime and controlled virtue and vice

Vortex of causality let me down on this star
Causality of thousands of years now ends
Wicked golden order expands through the universe
Darkness absorbs the brightness of the stars

Light is swallowed into myself
Darkness and silence, time is slowed

Enemy of mine, let's begin
From this cataclysmic moment

This is the end but also the beginning
Can't understand as a human spirit
Your angels are falling
Boundless deep darkness envelops
Battle between virtue and vice now ends
Golden order is faced toward one direction
Orbit of stars has changed drastically
Another galaxy is born

The black sun is a mirror that reflects this star
This star is the black sun

Decaying light, does not return
Reasoning of mortal world has been changed
Species who respect love are fed to evil species
No one doubts such a situation

Brutality hidden in the past is not false
False reason has repeated hypocrisy
Abuse by hypocrisy has ended
Anything can be allowed
Era of desire is now coming
It will be remembered through the universe

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